Online counselling

If you are interested in therapy but cannot commit to travelling to the centre of London, there is an alternative: online conselling.

In the past 12 years online counselling has become a popular method of working for a variety of people: market demand has driven the rise in working this way. People who travel or conversely have reduced mobility, people who live in remote places or have family commitments may now establish the type of therapeutic relationship that was once not available to them.

Like all face-to-face appointments, private online therapy happens at a pre-arranged time for 50 minutes. The sessions are confidential, bespoke and the all our therapists have experience of working with issues that are preoccupying you. Online therapy can be built into face-to-face therapy when attendance is not possible, or started by an initial meeting in person in order for you to get a sense of the therapist you will be working with.

What is surprising is how quickly a strong alliance between therapist and client can be built. Research proves that important elements of face-to-face sessions are swiftly achieved: empathy, challenge, openness and humour. Clients have even commented that they have found it easier to communicate emotions without the gaze of another person.

Areas that respond well to this way of working are interpersonal or social issues, gender identity, rape and sexual assault, grief and loss, parenting issue and personal development. (Online therapy is not be advisable for health problems or suicidal thoughts.)


"I decided to try online therapy when I could not find an existential therapist within easy reach of me.  My fear was that it would be quite impersonal but decided to give it a try anyway.  I was not disappointed!  I found online therapy engaging and not at all impersonal.  I was able to share very openly without any inhibitions.  In some way I found this quite liberating.  Writing out what I was thinking and feeling in the process of therapy seemed to add to the therapy, since I could see right before me in written form what was going on for me right then, and then engaging with it.  I felt a deep connection with my therapist even though I could not physically see or hear her.  There was something really powerful in that.  All in all, my experience of online therapy was positive, and I kept looking forward to the next meeting.  I think the positive experience I had was not only because the therapy was online but also due to the person of the therapist herself and the way she was able to connect with me even without ‘seeing’ me."  Client living in Belgium

If you think online counselling is something that might interest you, please contact Regents Practice.